Tips for booking cheap flights

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Tips for booking cheap flights

Don't let an expensive airline ticket keep you away from your perfect getaway. Here's a few tips on how you can find cheap airfare:


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Book early for Cheap Flights: 

Usually, flight prices increase as it gets closer to the time of travel. Use google flights to search prices in advance. Also, the app Hopper should become your best friend. Hopper allows you to set alerts for when your flight price is low and will also let you know if you're getting the best price.


Book connecting flights:  

If you're not in a hurry to get to your destination booking a connecting flight is a lot cheaper than non-stop. 


Use travel Credit Cards: 

Get points towards your travel with credit cards such as Chase Sapphire Reserve or Preferred. If you have an airline that you love to travel with, getting their travel credit card can be worth your while. JetBlue offers 2x the points on JetBlue  purchase and 2x the points at restaurants. Check with your bank to see which travel credit card you're qualified for. Start enjoying the points/miles rewards you earn.


Check alternative airports: 

The airport you're flying into may not be the cheapest. For example sometimes when traveling to NYC its more expensive to fly into JFK than LGA, and if its worth the cost, flying into EWR is an option. You can calculate the different between arrival at each airport and then select the best option. 

Key Takeaway

There's so many different ways to find cheap flights. The most important takeaway is to remember to always check all of your options to ensure you're getting the best deal. 



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