Travel Hack: How to Pack For Vacation

Travel Hack: How to Pack For Vacation

Travel tips for the over-packer 

Booking your flight and hotel for your vacation is fun and exciting! If you're a last minute packer like most of us then it’s the night before your trip and you're browsing through your closet trying to figure out what the heck you're going to wear.

Most suitcases limits the amount of clothing and shoes you can pack. The best way to pack more and get the most cute outfits for those Instagram pictures is to pack using the Ultimate Carry-On.

 Best Carry On Suitcase- For Travel

So, how do you avoid checking an extra bag and baggage feessave space and money:

  • The Ultimate Carry-on has a compression compartment had helps you save space and pack more.
  • Additional storage can be used for shoes, more clothing, or other travel essentials.

This suitcase is the ultimate TSA-friendly travel hack.

Best travel suitcase

How to use:

  1. Open air valve
  2. Unzip compartment
  3. Pack clothing
  4. Zip compartment
  5. Press down to release air
  6. Zip compartment
  7. Close air valve
  8. Bonus: There's an additional layer on top for you to add MORE CLOTHES

You don’t have to miss out on packing for a long vacation or even a short trip. If you want to bring extra clothing you should be able to. This suitcase is perfect for all travel lovers, digital nomads, backpackers and globetrotters. 

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