Travel Budget

Travel Budget
How to save towards your dream vacation

Everyone loves a fun getaway from all of life’s stressors. For many, however, when the cards are down, and the math is done, a vacation almost always checks out as an expense that’s too large to shoulder.

But that’s why the concept of saving exists right? To progressively store enough money as a means of offsetting an otherwise unaffordable expense. If you’ve been dreaming about taking a vacation, here are some savings tip to help with turning that dream into a reality

You're a dollar away from that DREAM vacay!

First things first set a budget


By now, you probably have your mind set on your definition of a perfect vacation spot. How much will it take to get you to that place and back? Setting a budget keeps your plans objective and, perhaps more importantly, helps you define a savings plan.

Work out how much you must save periodically to get to that amount

Once you’ve determined how much you need to fund your vacation, you’ll want to split that sum into chunks that fit into a weekly or monthly saving plan. Although committing to the plan can pan out to be tricky, a good strategy is to set up automatic deductions that route your weekly/monthly contributions to a separate savings account.

Let technology help you

Planning to save is not the hard part – keeping up with your plans is what makes saving tedious. Luckily we've provided you a vacation fund calculator to help create that budget. After creating your budget, an app like Digit will help you reach that goal.

Digit automatically deduct funds from your account in small increments, based on your spending history to help reach your travel goal. 
Start saving today!